Can someone help me to produce a very simple 3d object

Unable to find any assistance internally or externally, I finally thought of posting my requirement to this forum where the expert community is.
I teach seafaring students and I find that the students find it difficult to visualize how the centre of buoyancy or centre of gravity of a ship behaves when a load is added (movement of CoG) or when the vessel heels (movement of CoB).
I understand that this can be animated with the use of Rhino. But I have NO IDEA at all on how to do this. I do not need a ship shape. Just a rectangular shape body floating would be good enough. Here is a link done by a colleague in case you can improve on that.

How are you planning on animating the shapes? You can use Bongo, Snapshots or Grasshopper to change the vessel position.

A 2d simulation of this is far easier than a 3d simulation.

Animating vessel characteristics in flat water can be a little challenging since both the CoG and CoB change as new loads are applied. This means the pivot point changes a bit relative to the boat. Most animation tools can make it a little difficult. Usually mapping the CoG of the vessel and each cargo part to find the overall CoG of the needs to be part of the calculation. Grasshopper can help with that. Of course, then calcualting the dynamic movement of the CoB is a different challenge.

If you add waves to the simulation, that is more difficult and usually take a CFD program.

Plugins like GHS, Orca3d and Nemo encode a lot of these calculations within them.

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I will move this topic to the Jobs and Portfolios and then get back to you. Thanks for responding.

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Just a means of showing students the three coordinates of measurements to the CoG (that’s from the stern. from the fore and aft the centre line and the distance from the keel). How can I pan it to show these distances (they
need not be mathematical models)

I would create blocks that look like symbols and then use Grips to move them.


To understand how to create am manipulate models in Rhino, the Users guide chapters there might help: Rhino User's Guide

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better late than never, if its not too late maybe the link below is a starting point?

btw your links contained empty 3dm files. but i also checked with an ipad not sure it worked.