Can Set Slider get an Expression input?

Scientists may call it round number bias, for me as an engineer using dimensions that are divisible by 5 is simply a facet of “not getting frowned at by fitters and welders”. Especially in naval architecture, where tolerances are somewhere between 10 and 30. Millimeters.

As such I constantly find myself using the expression feature to set alternative rounding behaviors for my sliders, if you will.

x*5 for an offset value, x*50 or 100 for a height above base during initial design, etc. For this, an expression input would be most valuable.

So you’d like a “stepper” instead of a “slider”? Sounds like it would be handy for a lot of things.

Well no, the number slider component does what I need it to do. I just would like to controll the expression via MetaHopper to save myself some time.

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This script is compatible with metahopper and will let you set a custom expression on a slider object. (6.1 KB)

Cool, thank you :slight_smile: That does what I want it to, and even to my non-programmer eyes the code looks embarassingly simple. Any chance this will end up in metahopper propper?