Can RhinoCommon7 be used in Rhino6

Hi there,

I fear this might be one of the most stupid questions ever asked in this forum, but I will give it a shot.

Now that Rhino7 is released there is RhinoCommon (7.1.20329.13011-rc).
Am I able to use that in Rhino6?



Just one more question.
So a Plugin designed in Rhino7 and RhinoCommon7 will be compatible with Rhino6, but not vice versa?

Hi Tobias -

No, the other way around.
Rhino 6 plug-ins will (should) run in Rhino 7.

Yes, sorry. Of course.

Actually, the answer is maybe. Even if you reference the Rhino 7 version of RhinoCommon there is a chance that your plugin will run in Rhino 6. It depends on if the functions that you call in RhinoCommon exist in the version of Rhino that you want to run in.