Can Rhino become a BIM?

I am an architect in Cyprus and i was wondering if Rhino can have a BIM potential.
The main problem with BIMs are that they are not sketching friendly.
You have to define the building materials from the start.
But for me everything boils down to geometry and dimensions.
What if Rhino could evolve, maybe with the help of other programs, to that direction?
I do not know if this is already happening, but i would like more info or your opinions.
Thank you.

Hi -

So then, to you, what is “BIM”?
Also, have you taken a look at VisualARQ for Rhino?


@fsalla - pasting the url in discourse causes some code to be shown in the description:

Perhaps that should be looked into?

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you dont have to define material from the start with BIM. if your goal was to sketch out simple schematic drawing out of BIM, you could go with ‘Generic’ Wall for rough modelling.

The power of BIM comes when all design discipline (Architect, Structure, MEP, etc) comes together. u can run clash detection, collaborate with manufacturer to produce an integrated shopdrawing, etc.

U can integrate rhino into commonly used BIM Software like Revit.
so you can take advantage of Rhino awesome modelling tools to be converted to Revit data. and vise versa.

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@wim we will check it out, thanks!

Thanks for the information about Visual ARQ.
When i said “everything boils down to geometry and dimensions” i mean that you have to connect those numbers with other information like building materials, weight, cost etc.
So if i can count easily dimensions of different objects i create and associate it with construction information, i have a basic BIM program, without even defining my materials into the program.

I guess BIM is useful, especially for big projects.
But personally i am wondering.
Can a program overcome the lack of coordination between disciplines?
Maybe at the design stage but what about the implementation?

Coordination CAN´T and SHOULD NOT be done by a program. It´s (among other things) what architects should be doing.
Take a look at Visualarq and above all at its superb integration with Grasshopper.
You can sketch in Rhino, load the sketch parts into GH and have it turned into BIM entities through visualarq. From my experience the only other program that gets near this capabilities is Revit through dynamo, but though revit BIM entities can be deeper and more complex than visualarq, the integration between Rhino sketch and GH is MUUUUCH more stable and fluid.


You are right.
My question was more philosophical about our role as architects…
We are the ones that coordinate, so BIM is our tool…
That is the reason why i wanted Rhino to evolve into a BIM…
Because is a genuine architects program.

Hi -

Throughout the years, people have written scripts to create cut lists / BOMs that would do some of that for simpler objects. An approach like that might or might not work for you.
One such example by Mitch can be found here: