Can not get holes designed in rhino

Good evening to everyone.
I have made a design of a clasp but when printing the holes do not come. Do you know where I have made the mistake?
I here with attach

13 agosto mio ridotto per forum.3dm (10.1 MB)
the rhino design together with a pictures indicating the missing holes
thank you ,

Hi Mirco - can you post the STL file?


The larger of your 2 objects has 2 non-manifold edges

Meshing this part produces non-manifold edges in the same place and it also produces an open mesh with a lot of naked edges.

If you explode the part and hide the top and bottom surfaces so you can see inside there are some problems that need to be fixed

The smaller part looks ok. No naked or non-manifold edges. Produces a closed mesh.


Thank you Pascal, currently I’m out of home, I’be back this night and send It. Thank you

Thank you Kevin, I’m out of home, I’ll be back this night and check. mirco

Dear Pascal, here I’m with the stl files. I can not send from:, because it does not accept stl files. I hope you can reach this email. If not I’m going to write you from the forum web site. thank you Mirco

(Attachment spring clasp C.magics is missing)

(Attachment spring clasp B with space.magics is missing)

Dear Pascal,
I’m trying to upload the stl files but it seems that files with this exention are not authorized by the sistem. However I insist

Zip it and retry…

Here with the zipped files
spring clasp (145.8 KB)

herewith the files
spring clasp (145.8 KB)

Hello- I’d need the stl file, a magics file is something else… but it looks like @kev.r probably found the problem - did you look at what he points out?


Dear Pascal,
thank you for your help I’m working on what Kevin suggested, and let you know, merci

Thank you Kevin, I’m working it out and erasing the mistake, I’ll let you know thank you,

Dear Kevin,
I have re-made the part. I have exploded the surfaces and it seems to me ok. Can you please tell me if it is correct for printing? Thank you for your help
rifaccio il 16 sett. da inviare.3dm (3.0 MB)

It looks good to me.

Problems with original polysurface are gone and it produces an error free mesh.


Thank you Kevin