Can not cull point list

Hi Guy,
I trying to cull point in point list. but result is empty

please see my picture

Have you tried flattening the L input?
Without a gh file I can only do guesswork…

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Hi @submillimetre,
Please check in this files

TEST.3dm (30.3 KB)

your Point parameter contains 30 different lists (0, 1, 2… 29) each of them containing one single point

when you pass it through the Cull Index, it deletes for each branch the item at index 0 and the item at index 29 (your lists have just one item, so it gets deleted)

as @submillimetre suggests, you should flatten the Point Parameter, in such a way you’ll end up with a single list of 30 items (0, 1, 2… 29) of which you can cull the one at index 0 and the one at index 29

to flatten an input: right click on that and select “flatten”


Thanks @inno and @submillimetre

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