Can Math.NET-Numerics be used with GHPython?

Is it possible to use Math.NET Numerics from GHPython?

I’m asking this for my son which got interested when I hinted about Rhino/Grasshopper for some work he’s doing (I’m not using GHPython myself so I don’t even know how to try if it would work).

// Rolf

I don’t see why not. You would need to place the Math.NET libraries in a location that the python script could load them using

import clr
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See this:

I think it’s still all valid.


Another option would be Rhino3dm in CPython alongside numpy et al, depending on what he is doing


Rhino3dm is still missing stuff. :frowning:

What “stuff” do you need? I only add functionality as it is needed

A while ago I tried creating point cloud and simply didn’t work as expected. I assumed it is still incomplete.

If I remember correctly it is the AddRange that was missing.

Thanks, I added this feature request and will try to get to it soon

1 Like is now fixed.

A new version of rhino3dm (0.6.0 ) is now available through that contains PointCloud additions as defined at