Rhino3dm with GhPython

Hello , what this error mean?

It means rhino3dm won’t work in GhPython

rhino3dm is a C extension library specifically built for CPython (and only for specific versions of CPython). This is similar to other libraries that do not work in GhPython like numpy. GhPython does not use CPython and therefore won’t be able to use these libraries.

What are you trying to do anyways? All of the functionality in rhino3dm should already be available in RhinoCommon using the same class and function names when using GhPython.

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Thanks, i tried to use it with Ansys products which use ironpython and i got the same error.
I thought if there is a solution with ghpython it will work in ansys.
I tried rhinoinside but also got an error about Rhino

In that case, you would want to try the .NET version of rhino3dm.

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Thank you @stevebaer , i will try to understand how to install and use it