Can GH0.9 in Rhino5 read ghpy files?

I wrote a plug-in by ghpython in GH1.0 - Rhino WIP.
When I put the ghpy files into Rhino5, GH can’t read this files. Is there anyway to let Rhino5 recognize ghpy?
And is ghpy encrypted?

It’s the website of this plugin

And another question:
If user want to use this plug-in, do they have to install python2.7 or Ironpython?

Hi @RetroPost.LT

Sorry, this is not possible, because GHPY is a new feature for Rhino 6.

It is not encrypted. It is compiled to IronPython-based CIL bytecodes. It’s difficult to reverse-engineer this.

They will simply need Rhino 6 BETA / WIP / final.

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Thank you Giulio!