Ghpy files as GH plug-in can't recognize after I restart Rhino6

Hi, I’m very happy that Rhino6 can download and test today.
When I open the GHpython in Rhino6 and trying to test compiling ghpy files as GH plug-in according to Giulio Piacentino’s tutorial about creating GH plug-in with GHPY compiler. After compiling GH can recognize this new created ghpy file and work normally:

But this plug-in disappear when I restart Rhino6:

I’ve tried many times but got the same resault. I’ve check the folder which store GHPY files, nothing wrong.

Why it disappear in GH?

I found that I have to put a random gha file in the Grasshopper-Libraries folder if I want GHPY plugin shows in the grasshopper. GHPY plugin will disappear while there is only ghpy files in this folder.
It that a bug for Grasshopper in Rhino6 ?

Thanks for the report, @RetroPost.LT.

RH-43622 logged.

I created an empty GHA for the time being for you, so that you can distribute this and be sure that the files are loaded. Have a look at the bug report.

We are working now on addressing the cause of this.

Thank you Giulio Piacentino.
For better Rhino!:grinning: