Can element binding in OOTB RiR components be replicated with custom ones?

Hi again!

I know there’s a WIP section in the wiki regarding element binding, but I was wondering if someone from the dev team could briefly explain to me how element binding (Revit elements created via GH “listening” to changes and updating accordingly instead of duplicating themselves) works using OOTB components, and whether it can be replicated in Python scripts or not. I also check the github repository from time to time but I still don’t understand most of the C# code I read.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Luka,

Element binding in OOTB components is unfinished, the current implementation does not take care of binding betwen sessions.
Once we have a complete implementation we will expose it for scripting components as you request.

Here the issue at GitHub, I linked this thread to answer here once it is done.