Can a Rhino Plugin create its own UI?

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Can a rhino plugin create its own UI?


You can make a Winforms GUI or a WPF GUI. Recently, McNeel started using the Eto.Forms toolkit for cross platform GUIs that run on Windows as well as Mac.

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maybe this is what you are looking for:

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Yes, that’s what I was looking for.



Hi Jess, this is exactly the link I’ve been looking for for days. Thanks. Do you know if there are examples (e.g. youtube) of what is possible in a skin? We currently use a surface modelling tool that uses a kernal and bespoke GUI for CAM but are considering moving to Rhino and would like to know what is possible or if there are any constraints on UI. In essence we want to create a parametric model (Grasshopper) and only expose controls relevent to our CAD-unskilled users.

Hi Paul, I don’t know about any video tutorials about that. There is an animated gif on the linked C++ sample which demonstrates what’s possible:

Many thanks Jess. Got some good Jewelery examples from McNeel e.g. Matrix product by GemVision and the RhinoGold application by TDM Solutions. Thanks