Calling an external function

Hi Guys,

I try to call a function I previously made, but Rhino return a error message:

variable is undefined: testa

So I was wondering how Rhino can understand the function already exists somewhere in the computer? (I saved the two functions testa.rvb and PrintArr.rvb in the same folder)

I have another question: let’s assume this problem is fixed, which would be really great, but then there is a mistake inside the function testa. How can we know the problem is inside the function testa and inside the function PrintArr? Indeed, the error message give information about the line where there is the problem, but not the function…

Thank you for your help.


Well I put all functions in the same file, and it works better in this case. However, it’s not a great solution if I need to use testa in another routine…

If “testa” is a common function that you want to use in more than one subroutine, then you might consider adding the code to a startup script.