CAD Speed Modelling Challenge

Must’ve been user error, a rerun gives me nicely 183g in 7 minutes on laptop with trackpad and alt-tabbing to drawing frequently. I think this one benefits a lot of new pushpull actions on the gumball. I’m quite happy with the clean look when isocurves are turned off

Anyway, the re-added timer works nicely and the simplified script works. Timer in version below set to 5s since I don’t think anyone will be able to create these models in less than 5 seconds.

TooTallToby MassCalc v5 (22.2 KB)

On the Mac unfortunately Grasshopper unloads when you close the document for which you opened it, and creating a new document doesn’t automatically switch to it, so there you’ll “loose” a couple of seconds loading it anyway. Probably a dedicated plugin for this might work better, but sounds like a bit more work than just doing the GH script :slight_smile:


All registered members of TooTallToby . com get the following when signing up:

  • Access to a database of registered TooTallToby members.

@ssommerv what data is in this database exactly?

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That’s a good question, I didn’t catch that. To be clear, I’m not affiliated in any way with the site, challenge, etc. The challenge popped up while I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos on various CAD software packages and I thought I’d give it a go with Rhino.

It would appear that the bare minimum is Name, Email, and phone for 2FA. There is an option to remove the searchability of all that from any directory. Even your username has the option to remove searchability.

You can enter examples of work, hobbies, other personal info, etc, but I personally haven’t and wouldn’t.

Edit to add: all I’m able to see are usernames/avatars, date joined, date last active, examples of personal work you’ve uploaded, and any other profile info you’ve filled out. The name/email/phone for the majority of the profiles I clicked was set to “Hidden” for what that’s worth. Also any “NFTs” you’ve earned on the site, which appear to be more like gamer trophies than anything else (the EULA does refer to them as having no commercial value).