CAD Exchanger: Is it really that slow?

Converting a X_T file that is around 500MB. It’s been at it for a couple hours, running my CPU between 54% and 99% (i7-6500U w 8MB). At this rate I’ll run out the trial period during my first conversion. :slight_smile: Just wondering if this is normal or should I punt. Thanks.

Yes, 500 MB is extremely big, and 8 GB RAM is perhaps too less. Divide your project in smaller pieces if possible.

Oh well. These files were provided as a courtesy by an OEM and I have no way to touch them as X_T. I just want to convert them to 3DM so I can use them. If that’s not practical then punt it is. Thanks.

That seems very slow. What converter are you using? most likely is a generic converter, not using parasolid libraries. Which means it will be slow and it will potentially have lots of errors too.

Do you have Fusion 360? And can you upload your file to their cloud? For the cases where we can, their converters are excellent.