Cache-buffer and save to disk Grasshopper state

Hey all!

In my Grasshopper chain I’m often encountering situations where a section might take 5 minutes to complete.
The issue is that I want to work on later stages without having to rebuild the earlier stages each session.
This is especially important when writing plugins (since app restarts are required every so often).

I could then bake this output and then reselect it in the next stage, but then i lose all my ordering (which is important).
So I could then make some code to re-order the selection to match how it would have been created in Grasshopper. But this is prone to errors and requires unique sorting logic each time.
Is there a well known method for dealing with this scenario? Ideally would love something like ‘store output in savefile’, i.e. the created output is serialized/deserialized to disk

Also in general, having more guards against heavy evaluation areas would be great (currently just disabling nodes in parts at a time, but maybe there’s smarter ways of dealing with this problem).

p.s. wish the Rhino SDK was thread safe! could chop some of these processing times down :slight_smile:


You can internalize data in parameters, which will not flatten their data. You can also use Geometry Cache to bake and reimport while keeping geometry in a tree structure (only works for geometric data). However I do agree that it is too difficult to save/restore states and it is something we will improve in GH2 (both reinstating data in the same file and sharing data between files).