C# - Separate window over Rhino that doesn't disable Rhino's interface

We are new to this side of Rhino and are exploring development options for a plugin idea we have. We have started doing some simple experiments using a semi-modal form sample (found on this Github page).
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a way to use it in unison with Rhino as opposed to just over Rhino. There is a pushpickbutton in this example that showed us that we can disable our new interface (the semi-modal form) and use rhino commands in their native interface. This helped us a lot, though we are still struggling to (simultaneously and regardless of the pushpickbutton) allow independent traditional modeling in Rhino while we have our semi-modal form open (like Grasshopper lets you do). We’ve been unsuccessfully looking for a solution to this and haven’t been able to find a direct answer yet. We were hoping this might be an easy answer for someone here.

Thank you!

Rather than create a modal form, which must be closed or hidden before you can continue working, you want to (I believe) create a modeless form, which let you shift the focus between the form and another form without having to close the initial form.

Here is an example:


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