C# RhinoCommon Mesh Topological Indentical Vertices


When vertices become topologically identical?
Is it somehow connected with tolerance?
int[] tv0 = mesh.Vertices.GetTopologicalIndenticalVertices(v0);

The reason for asking is that for cylindrical surface mesh subdivision I get 4 identical points, while same surface with some distortion on he right has only two topolgically identical points. (no gaps at surface edge)

And this tolerance issue results only on at the edges of surfaces, when I detect closed surface condition I reset end points to start ones:

Hi @Petras_Vestartas,

From openNURBS:

In order to keep the mesh facet definition simple and make the mesh definition easily used in common rendering application, if two facets share a vertex location but have different normals, curvatures, textures, etc., at that common vertex location, then the vertex is duplicated.


– Dale

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Thanks Dale