[C#] Examples of using DisplayPipeline or CustomDisplay

Hi guys,

are there any samples of using in v5 DisplayPipeline or CustomDisplay classes out there? I’m still new to C# and don’t get how to use it while DisplayPipeline is sealed theres no constructor for it - does that mean i always need to go through condiuct? To be honest im bit confused here.

Hi @D-W,


There are several samples on our developer samples repository on GitHub. Here are a few:




Let me know if you cannot find what you need.

– Dale

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Thanks @dale!

I see … for PipelineDisplay i need always hook to condiuct. I was wondering if CustomDisplay wont be easier to set - i need to show just bunch of points for now i saw in sdk there is opt for points in CustomDisplay but i didn’t saw any example of it. Could you show me small snippet for it ?

Hi @D-W,

My apologies, but I do not know what you mean when you say “CustomDisplay?” Do you mean a custom display mode, such as is available if you pick Tools > Options > View > Display Modes?

If you want to display (e.g. draw) some points and these point do not exist in the Rhino document, then you can do so using a DisplayConduit.

Here is a some background information:


Here is an example of a conduit that displays points that are not part of the active document.


Does this help?

– Dale

Hi @dale,

with your examples i managed to override display conduit for showing stuff without issues but theres another class in sdk CustomDisplay and i was asking about that one. I didn’t saw examples for that in particular. My main concern is which of them will use less hardware while running with tons of points.

[EDIT] @dale i created CustomDisplay instance fairly easy - firstly i thought it doesn’t have constructor like Pipeline. But question about performance with CustomDisplay and Conduict ovveride is still actual :slight_smile:

Hi @D-W

A Rhino.Display.CustomDisplay object is really just a DisplayConduit wrapped in a way that might be useful for some developers. The performance between the two will be identical.

– Dale

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Thank You @dale for clarifying my concerns :slight_smile: