C# Autocomplete is worse in V6?

The C# autocomplete was never really good, but now in V6 it got a bit worse.
List< string > still gives me List< StringAlignment > or something like that.
What seems to have gotten worse is that there is no autocomplete for list items anymore?

Not sure how much can be done, but still wanted to put it here…

and a little wish: now in windows 10 we are all blessed with 255 white backgrounds on most things - it would be really cool if there can be some option to set the background color - or even some basic color schemes?

I just recently moved to windows 10, so maybe that is the problem?

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I saw somewhere on here that the C# script editor will be fixed in GH2? Any reason to not use visual studio?

i do mostly prototyping and small stuff in c# nodes… visual studio and plugins i hardly ever needed…
and as i don’t distribute, there is little reason to go for plugins, except better performance and multi-threading… and not having to type out namespaces - but i hope this gets better in v2

We’ll switch to another one. One we have more control over, one that’ll work on Mac and Windows ideally, and one that can handle all the languages we need. That way it’ll make more sense to invest time and effort into it.

It’s not that easy to run VS from within Grasshopper. Not to mention it requires VS to be installed, which is not at all a given in educational or corporate settings. It was discussed, and I think having the option of an external editor is still on the table.

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maybe i can throw my 2 cents in here: i work daily with visual studio in unity - had to switch from monodevelop recently… And the thing is, that after each save it takes a few annoying seconds for unity to sync with visual studio. I cant be sure, but i would say VS is the reason (and being a 10+ gb program once you have everything installed it is no wonder)
So i would rather have a not so perfect editor that responds fast to changes than having VS…

Any reason to not use visual studio?

Ah sorry I meant for @ atair not Mcneel.
For me with R6 GH1 intelliscense is weird. For instance when it does work, if I try to cycle the overloads of a method or even just read description it just disappear.

visual studio and plugins i hardly ever needed…
and as i don’t distribute, there is little reason to go for plugins

I didn’t mean for plug-ins. I meant to type and use intellisense. Aside from making plug-ins. Lately I just type in VS because it is far easier. Then just copy/paste to the c# script editor. Not ideal, but for whats available now it seems better.

never had the idea to do it this way around… :slight_smile:
will try that some time

@DavidRutten is monodevelop an option?

probably, I really don’t know.