Button to make a dihedral

Where is the button that I have to press for get a 2D draw views (four views) of my 3D object?

It’s under the Dimension MENU, and if you have the top “ribbon” showing, there’s a button in the “Drafting” tab. But I don’t think a button is available if you are using the “Rhino for Mac” theme (Preferences)… --Mitch

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i interpreted your question different so i’ll post just in case you’re talking about this (as in- i don’t know what dihedral means :)… there’s an icon at top left which will go to 4 views… you can also double-click the viewport name (top, perspective, etc) in order to switch between 4 views and a single viewport.

there is a button that says you “select your object”, and I select my sharpener. And then, appears the four views…


Make2D. I don’t know jack about mac so maybe that’s not useful, but that’s what it’s called in the windows version.


oh… then what helvetosaur was saying… that’s the Make2D command…

it’s under the dimensions menu (Dimensions-> Make 2-D Drawing).

the button icon can be found in quite a few places or put into a custom toolbar etc… one way to make the toolbar show up using the menus:
Window-> Active Tool Palletes -> Dimensions

then you’ll see this toolbar which has the Make2D icon in it:


thank you very much @Helvetosaur @jeff_hammond

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nice :thumbsup:

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Be careful with the Make 2D command.

If you want continuous lines with no overlapping bits i’d check the projections and rebuild the curves.

Be aware that circles and ellipses will be made up of arcs, redraw them and delete the original projections so that you have smooth, continuous curves.

This helps if you’re exporting to Illustrator or cutting paths, it also makes it more accurate when dimensioning as you’ll snap to ends and centres easier.

Hope this helps. Nice model : )

(Little tip: if you’re rendering, add a tiny radius to all the edges except to the edge of the blade. 0.01mm should do it, it’ll make it look much more realistic - best that you’ve projected the model before doing that though as it keeps the drawing clean)

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