Bunnytail still a problem

This has been discussed in other threads but I will repeat it here - the bunnytail on the gumball is often hidden behind the gumball axis lines, making it difficult to access. I think a key command to open the gumball drop down list would be real helpful (and if this has already been implemented but I don’t know about it please bring me up to date).

It could go further. modo has the option to locate it’s Move gizmo wherever you click - having that option for the gumball would be great in Rhino.

I was having the same issue until I enlarged the bunnytail/Menu ball. Problem gone, no?


Hi Arail- there are some settings for the bunnytail in Options>Modeling Aids > Gumball - do any of those help, for now?


Thanks for the replies.
Yes, that helps a lot. I’m just playing with the controls now.