Build Pyramid with trinangle base on a surface

Hello Super User,

I am learning GH for a month now, and Iam trying to build Pyramids network from triangle base on a curved surface.
I’ve been using Lunchbox to create the Triangle pattern I want on my surface. And from there I’ve build up the needed edges to create my Pyramids ( see attachment). I though i made the hardest part.

I wanted to create each triangle faces of my pyramides using 3 segment as border. My probelm is that from my definition 1 line is corresponding to edges on 2 pyramid. ( see attachment). And si Iam not able to create my single face.
I can’t figure out how to break this segment in 2 single one.

I’ve attached my GH file. I hope someone can help me out on this ( Ima pretty sure) rooky problem.
Thanks alot!!

VD (11.8 KB)

not sure if I get ur full problem.
Anyway, here an extension to ur script to get each triangle of each pyramid as a surface…
Are u sure that u want to take the uv(0.5,0.5) of the triangle for the future topPoint of the pyramids? Just asking because this is not giving u the barycenter of the triangle. U can use ‘Area-Calculation’ to get another center.


A good tip to get trough this, is to check out the branchings of the tree and check if the structure is useful. Than pick a single branch-team and do it for, in this example, a single triangle-baseface. So its easier to get the logic done.

Furthermore I played around with it a little, using my own plugin. :wink:

I guess it should become a facade?

Greets (20.9 KB) (39.8 KB)

Thank you very much Mark, for all the explanation! Problem solved. I tryed to play with the tree logic, but that’s still giving me a hard time. I’ll study your process closely to improve and will check your plugin too!

Thanks alot again very nice :slight_smile: