Build plug-in with the ScriptEditor


I was wondering if there are any guides on how to build and compile a simple “Hello World” plug-in from a .rhproj with the ScriptEditor.

When I publish the following project I am unable to load the HelloWorld.rhp and execute the command CMDHelloWorld.

Hi @AMG did you see this video by @eirannejad ?

Hi, yes I have seen it. Not sure what I am missing.

Hi @AMG, what happens if you drag & drop the *.yak file instead of the *.rhp file ?


hi @AMG what @clement suggest should work. I’ll ask if loading rhp’s like it can be done on Windows is possible

Using the *.yak works. What is the difference between the .yak and .rhp?

Hei Håvard -

A .yak file is basically a .zip file where the extension has been changed to .yak. It contains / can contain an .rhp file.

Further reading: Rhino - The Anatomy of a Package

I’m trying to export my Grasshopper definitions as a Grasshopper plugin. I’ve followed the video, but I don’t have the GHA file in my output folder as expected.
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Someone from MCNEEL could help?

Hi Wim,
do You have some answer to my following question?

Hi Roy -

No, I don’t. @eirannejad probably has more information about this.

@lopez Would you mind sending me your .rhproj file. The screenshot does not tell me much

Hi Ehsan,
here it is the file.
Roy (913 Bytes)

Any news?