Build degree 2 curve from 3 points


I’am sorry for this very basic question. I’ve searched a bit for it but couldn’t find any solution.
I’am trying to build one 2 degree curve from 3 points in grasshopper

The rebuild component doesnt work since it rebuild curves I guess. Thank you for advice!

/ Karl

you can use a Polyline component and use your 3 points as input:

You can make a degree 2 curve using the Nurbs component (polyline would be degree 1 I believe, I still get them mixed up too myself @inno … is it order or degree! : )

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you’re right, for some reason I thought degree had to be one :joy:

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Thank you Nurbs Curve is a great component for that! Have a good day!

The term “order” is tricky, a Nurbscurve of order 3 can have more than 3 points! If your order is 3, but your point count is higher, then you are dealing with a multi-span curve. For Bezier-based splines the order is always degree +1. But a classical Bezier spline is not a composite curve like a Nurbscurve is, and so the cpcount always equals the order. If you are only doing Bezier modelling, then talking about the degree is redundant. So those people talk about order all the time. In Nurbs-modelling this doesn’t indicate much…, so people talk about degrees instead.

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Hey there!
If I’ve had understand your question properly, this is the answer:

You can use either “Nurbs Curve” component, or “Interpolate” component, but Nurbs curve is a better choice in my opinion.