Build a Counter Using Components Supported by ShapeDiver

Can somebody help me creating a “counter” controlled by two buttons for increasing/decreasing the value?.

I’ve tried several methods for days to build my “counter” but no success :pensive:
First tried using “Value List” component (in Value Sequence mode), “Capacitor” and “Mass Additive Number Buffer” (Heteroptera), “Dam”, “button” but none of this is supported by ShapeDiver right now.

I even used my rusted skills in electronics to build a flip-flop using logic gates but the problem is that Grasshopper allows no components interdependency and a counter requires feedback from the onput to know in what number the counter is at any point in time in order to stop counting.

I guess there should be a way to make a counter using components supported by ShapeDiver, I know it sounds like a silly requirement but I am out of ideas at this point.

I really appreciate all the help anybody could provide me with.

Using Python:

We recommend to build any custom UI on top of you ShapeDiver model in the JavaScript application. The code example below generates custom UI elements from the model parameters, more in the code library.

You can also check our clients page for inspiration where you can see some great applications build with ShapeDiver:

Thank you both for the quick reply, they’re pretty good suggestions, I will try them out.
Also, the Code Library is a great resource, thanks.



Maybe i’m late with a reply, but here is my solution some time back.

Hope it helps