Bug - Sweep1 with Start Point gives erratic result


Sweep1 seems to fail at ordering sections properly here.
The curve does go from bottom to top but Sweep1 only works if the rails are selected from top to bottom and the point at the end.

Sw1.3dm (237.5 KB)

Could it be related to the thread below ? No answer yet and still a problem :

Hello- that one seems OK here in our latest V7.

@magicteddy OK, it’s busted here too - thanks for the report.

RH-76971 Sweep1 messy with Point option


Do you mean an internal build ?
I just checked on 7.33.23248.13001, it only works both ways if Refit rails is checked.

I see the error too (same release).

Copying the edge and joining the many resulting segments and using that curve gives the same result.

Rebuilding the curve (I used 51 points and degree 5) allows sweep1 to work correctly bottom to top, so the bug arises from something in the original edge.


It also works correctly in bottom-to-top order if a point object is selected as the first sweep shape instead of using the Point option.