"Bug": Subselecting an object in a linked file can not be copied


To me as a user it seems like a bug that I can subselect an object in a linked file, but I can not copy-paste it. (User Logic: Why should I be able to select something unless I can modify it)

Can you check if it is an easy thing to implement?

(Brian James) #2

Can you break this down a bit more specifically for me? I might be misinterpreting but here’s what I think you’re asking for.

If you have a sub selection of a surface in a polysrf, you can’t ctrl+c>ctrl+v to copy and paste it. Is that correct? The linked element doesn’t seem to be a factor here since an inserted block that is only linked will launch a new Rhino session when attempting to edit that block to achieve sub-object selection. For this reason, it seems like the inability to use these keyboard shortcuts isn’t block related but rather an inadequacy of sub-selection. You can of course translate a sub-selection and tap Alt to make a copy so it seems like it should be doable to support ctrl+c>ctrl+v.

Am I totally confused or is that about right? Let me know and I’ll get it on the pile.