Bug report: Make2D spreads 4 views way apart (where is the section in the forum?)

Where is the section for bug reports here in the forum?
My current issue:
As you might see, the 4 views are spread way to far from eacht other. it’s large objects in Millimeters and I have lots of geometry hidden (as I love to work with lots of states and clean everything up in the end)

thanks for your help! Hannes

The section for bug reports is right here…
(Or you could directly create an entry in YouTrack).

I have tried to reproduce what I (think that I) see but was unable to get the same result.
(Just making sure since the picture can be a bit confusing - in the lower part you have manually moved the 4 views together towards the center?)

Please attach a file that people can use to diagnose the problem - else there will never be a fix…

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The file is attached as a WeTransfer link _ all other geometry is hidden but in the file http://bit.ly/1jlErrV thanks @wim

Seems to be working OK here if I just select the object and run Make2D… --Mitch

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Ok strange… tried again

Hannes, I get an error when I try to download that file.
You can just drag & drop a file here on discourse to attach it to your message.

I cannot get the file either.