BUG: RebuildUv after RefitTrim/TrimRefit

refittrim_rebuilduv.3dm (138.6 KB)

Run RefitTrim (TrimRefit) and then try to RebuildUV in that direction. For some reason one side just becomes unresponsive to rebuildUV.

Yeah - something is indeed amiss there, I’ll poke at it. For now, in this case, I would ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge and Untrim rather than RefitTrim.

RH-64149 RefitTrim: stacks control points

RefitTrim adds a stacked control point at the seam - use MakePeriodic then RbuildUV should work.


Thanks Pascal. Yeah I figures something was amiss and just needed ‘some’ process to get it back to base again.

I’ve never quite understood ShrinkTrimmedSrf versus ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge. What’s explicitly different? Who do we have the two different behaviours?

Hello - ShrinkTrimmedSrf is the one to use, most of the time. It leaves a small margin of underlying surface past the trims to avoid the situation where, due to tolerances used in trimming, a trim curve could fall outside the underlying surface, which is bad. ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge does not leave this margin - I suggested using it here because we really do want the smallest possible surface and will untrim the edge there anyway, so trim tolerance is not involved by the time it is all done.