(Bug) Flat Shade - Face Color (tracked)

Version 7 (7.28.23051.01002, 2023-02-20)

looks like there is a bug how per face color is displayed if
“flat shade” is turned on

standard shaded

flat shade turend on

flatshade_faceColor.3dm (6.3 MB)

my guess: the overall color is determined by the first face of the Brep…

it is not file specify - easy to reproduce…
assign per face colors …
delete faces untill you see the effect

Hi Tom - I see this, thanks.
RH-73282 Display: Flat shading ignores per face color



by the way - is it a good practice to add those pseudo-Tags / category ?
and do you expect a topic like this to be solved, as soon as a bug is tracked ?
(in my opinion, the solution is the SR that removes the Bug)

Or shall the title be updated ?
(Bug) bla bla problem (tracked)
(I like this more)

or does you team use some more features, to track the topics …
I mean, does wim or gjis or someone else see, that there is no more action needed without opening the topic ?

Hi Tom - we can see if the item needs to be handled - ‘Bug’ is a useful thing to call out however , at least for me - when things get hectic there is a certain amount of triage, ineveitably, so knowing about bugs is helpful.



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