Bug: ExplodeBlock kills layer structure


if I use _explodeblock than the internal layer structure of the block is reset to the current layer. If I use _explode than it works. Maybe an option could be added to the _explodeblock command to select the final layer method.


PS: Same reported for R6. (no reply there)

Hi Micha - the workaround for the moment is this -

ExplodeBlocksToLayers.rhp (14.5 KB)

Drag and drop that plug-in onto Rhino to add ExplodeBlocksToLayers command. You probably want the non-default option for how to treat layers. Indeed it does seem like this a job for ExplodeBlock.


Oh, I feel like we talked about in the past. It’s not easy to keep the little workaround in mind. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your kind help. Could you set it on the bug tracker please? It should be a standard function of R6 explodesblock.

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Hi Micha - I added a comment to the bug track item to, hopefully, give it a boost…