Niggling little bug with CurveBoolean

In the attached, on the construction layer, you will see some guidelines. I want to create 7 new independent regions from the guidelines, so I use CurveBoolean CombineRegions=No and DeleteInput=None (result on the Regions layer)

Problem is sometimes the resulting polylines have stacked control points at the corners - when you go to extrude them you get a “self-intersecting curves” warning and the resulting extrusion - if you go through with it - has a bad surface in it. In the example given it’s the lowest two wedges which get this (marked in red), but depending on how I do this, sometimes it’s one of the others.

Simplifying the curves after (always a good idea with CurveBoolean anyway) does not help in this case. However, what seems to help is exploding the original construction curves before doing the CurveBoolean…


CBError.3dm(73.3 KB)

Hi Mitch,

I see it and will get it fixed.

Chuck Welsh
Robert McNeel and Associates

Fixed. Should be in SR7.

Thanks for the report,