BUG - changespace does not respect text orientation

We may have cool commands but they dont work! Working in V7 (in WIP it is probably the same)
After all those years noone has noticed this?
Annotations were added in the layout to geometry from model space. Now i need to put annotations from layout to model space for coworker working in autocad.

How it looks in layout: (model geometry is not oriented to world)

How it looks after change space (from layout to model space)

This is a plague in Rhino in general. Too many commands are not aware of cplanes and work solely in world. Cap command for example and many others.

@wim please have a look.

Hi Ivan,
Please post a file that will show is the issue. (if you prefer you can email to tech@mcneel.com or upload for us with this tool. Include a link to this Forum thread in the upload notes.

Sanitize the file: Save as, delete anything sensitive and only leave enough of the geometry to show us the issue.

A lot of cases work, but we are sure there are cases that do not work.
If we can see where it does not work here, then we can get it on the list to be fixed.

Mary Ann Fugier


I am sure none of the cases work when text is not oriented in world coordinates. It seems to at least work with dimensions on the other hand.
changespacedoesnotrespectorientation.3dm (43.5 KB)

Test this trivial case. Open a layout, there is a rectangle and a text. Select text, run changespace command and click on detail view.

This is just one manifestation of a chronic disease. Rhino does not care almost always about cplane orientation. Hatches are aligned strictly to world, cap surfaces isocurves are aligned strictly to world, … I wish there was an option in Rhino options to tick “respect cplane orientation with commands where orietantion is a factor” enabling this all commands sensitive to orientation would respect cplane over world.



Thanks for the file and steps to duplicate.

We logged RH-77126
We will let you know when there is a fix available.

If you see any more instances where ChangeSpace does not give you the result that you were expecting, please provide a small 3DM and steps to duplicate.

Mary Ann Fugier

RH-77126 is fixed in the latest BETA