BUG? Boundary volume doesn't work properly in V6

Boundary volume has issues in Grasshopper 1.0.0005
Here is the result I get in V5, which works the way it should:

And here the same definition with the same geometry copied to Grasshopper in V6:

Error message: 1. Boundaries did not define a valid solid

180525 Boundary volume V5.gh (8.1 KB)
180525 Boundary volume V6.gh (9.1 KB)

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I changed the absolute tolerance in Rhinoceros (don’t forget to recompute solution)
1 it works
0,5 it works
0.1 didn’t work
0.01 didn’t work

I just tested with RhinoCommon command
same problem
public static Brep[] CreateSolid( IEnumerable<Brep> breps, double tolerance )
The limit of tolerance is 0.34 about 1% of the geometry size.

So it is a bug?


Since this is the Grasshopper category…

I’ve been a bit swamped with issues lately, haven’t had time to look into whether it’s a bug and if so where it may be. I’ve logged this under RH-46382 lest it gets lost.

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No problem, thanks for logging it.

I have the same problem over here.boundary volume.gh (7.1 KB)

Did you ever work on this @DavidRutten? I tried it out just now and on first sight it seems to work now. But on the youtrack item it seems like nothing happened

Yeah, caused by some bug in Rhino which was fixed independently it seems. They were not linked together in YouTrack so status changes in one did not affect the other. I changed the state now.


It’s easy to solve it.JUST DELETE YOUR FACES IN RHINO AND UNDO IT! It will be back :slight_smile: