Bug - Automatic spell checker in Text properties freeze cpu

@curtisw or @Alain is there any way we can get a test command built into Rhino for disabling the spell checker so users don’t resort to these tactics?

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Hi, I tried everything before this extreme solution: I turned spellchecking off (even tried to do it in Word to be sure), also disabled spell checking using regedit but nothing worked. Rhino 6 still checked spelling of text objects. I have Windows 10 and Rhino 6 both installed in English, but the content of the text object is in other language. So it looks a like a bug, either in Windows 10 or in Rhino 6. Seems like some other apps such as Edge have similiar problems. I’ve had no issues since moving those two files to a backup location. I had to try everything as Rhino was not usable. There was too much lag every time I selected/edited a text object. The more text it contained, the slower it got. This hack has been recommended in different forms in several forums around the Internet.

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@lucio_zadra, @esa.ruskeepaa, @d.c.russ,
There’s a test command: TestToggleSpellCheckOnAnnotationText in SR 6.30 RC.
Let us know if that helps.

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Thanks Alain!
I’ll try asap and tell you if the problem is solved!

The Spell Check is disabled!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
No more delay when selecting a text!!!
I’ll open a prosecco to party!! :champagne:

RH-60691 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Thanks Brian!

Hi All just my little cup of tea to anyone who may need, I think this thread is a kind of mixed up of different concepts but to clarify for anyone having issues with spell check:
System Spell check works in the language the system is configured to use by default.
so if your windows language is Spanish your typed texts in rhino text boxes will be checked in Spanish, you can change it “on the fly” having multiple languages configured in windows with the same keyboard layout (that is made exactly for this, even if some special characters would be tricky to type, but there are also the Alt codes combinations) so if you have to write some text in other language than the current one you could change windows language for a while (bottom right corner of windows bar, beside windows clock) and get spell check work in the language of your choice.

Anyway the test command “TestToggleSpellCheckOnAnnotationText” works to disable spell check in rhino, but I think IMHO it’s a backstep in evolution because spell check is very, very useful!
I think maybe a toggle button in the text boxes would make sense, to avoid unnecessary time / resource consumption if no need of spell-check, this “test command” is really a good workaround, very useful but is not that practical, as it is necessary to restart Rhino to change the spell check status. that’s why its called a test command!
Many thanks for sharing it, as spell check in my in rhino7 was disabled by default.