"Broken history" warning on every element I create

Working on a model, and virtually every element I draw or action I take on any geometry in the model gives me a “broken history” warning.

If I create a simple curve and then trim it, I get a “broken history” warning. I’ve only faced this in the past when creating dimensions, not regular curves, polylines, etc.

Did I change a setting? Or how do I turn off history for “normal” objects?

Hi Matthew - check to see iof ‘Always record history’ is set.(in the status bar Record History pane)



You can:

  • turn off the break history warning
  • turn off always record history and use #_Loft to selectively enable history recording
  • turn on always record history and use &_Loft to selectively disable history recording
  • lock children so history never gets broken
  • on Rhino 8 you can use !&_Delete to selectively ignore history locks/warnings.