Bringing Fun to Workflow: "TTP224" in Grasshopper

Hey everyone!

I recently embarked on a small, purely fun project that I thought might bring some joy to the forum.
It’s a concept-driven exploration of how to improve my Grasshopper workflow using NodeMCU / TTP224.
:pushpin:Remember, the forum is full of amazing work by advanced users, so think of this as a lighthearted experiment!

Here’s the gist:

This project involves three Grasshopper Python scripts that trigger actions when a sensor is clicked:
I’ve split the main video into three parts to comply with the forum’s upload limits.

  1. Theme Twister: Instantly change the look and feel of your GH canvas with a tap! :sparkles:
  2. Component Caddie: Access your most used components with a single click, saving you precious time.
  3. Viewport Voyager: Create floating viewports with different styles and views for quick edits and checks.

P.S. Maybe someday I’ll expand this into something truly useful, but for now, consider this a fun exploration.

edit: * While the video quality isn’t the best, I hope the content is still helpful! Do you have any suggestions for future projects that may be useful?

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Cool tricks man!

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