Brickbox: all my bricks are gone


Im stressing out a lot because all my bricks have gone lost. I have used grasshopper for over 2 months now and a lot of projects or parts of projects were saved exclusively in brickbox. I didn’t do anything strange to cause this. I’m using the official student version of rhino v7. I really hope it somehow got misplaced but I will be sure to stop using brickbox for the most part.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Brickbox saves the snippets at C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\grasshopper_kernel.xml (more info in Food4rhino). Take a look at that file, it should have snippets that look like this (the white code) with items named “BrickBox.something.something” :

If it is no longer there, it means that the file has been deleted or replaced. Try looking in the recycle bin, hopefully it is still there.

Thanks for the effort. I checked and it only had the most recent snippits referenced. The ones I made after the rest apparently got wiped. Very down about this. Definitely will refrain from using this plugin. Very useful but ultimately terrible plugin…

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Rename the grasshopper_kernel.xml to something memorable. Restore an old copy from your latest backup that has the full file in it. Carefully observe the file’s XML structure and copy and paste the recent snippets into the older file, preserving that structure. You may have lost a few snippets between the time of the backup and the point at which you started the new set, but that shouldn’t be too many.


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I don’t have a backup…

Ouch! I hope you are taking steps to remedy that in readiness for the next incident…

I get the impression that, unless they’ve worked in IT, many people don’t realise how important backups are. It takes a bad situation like yours to drive home the message, but of course that’s too late.