Brep or surface as non planar projection (22.8 KB)

Another problem I seem to find difficult to find a solution for…
I want the floor in it’s 3 parts projected onto the wineglass, so that I can give the individual parts different colours in a later render. I want to see how a potential floor is reflected on a wineglass that is painted in the back of the painting, giving the tiles slightly different shades. I managed to project curves onto the glass, but seem to fail with either surfaces off breps…any suggestions anybody?
Thanks a lot, Ekke

Hi Ekke,

here is a bit of a hack, but I think it is a great starting point for improvement: (252.6 KB)

The script splits the surface, then filters by area. This is of course not the most elegent way but it works in this example. One proper way to do it would be to project a line from the center of each tile in the same direction and then test for intersection.

One last thought:

"I want to see how a potential floor is reflected on a wineglass "

A projection like this will not simulate reflections properly. I would suggest rendering with raytracing (rhinocylces, vray, etc)

Konrad, Thanks so much, I always find it fascinating how these puzzles are solved…I am not interested in realistic simulations, I am an artist and just mess around with ideas, here particularly in regards to colour theory…
And off course I buy you a coffee, but when clicking on the params link, it asks for a password…?( I have no idea how that should work…) but please let me know…

Yeah I guessed it’s not about realism :grinning: About Ko-fi: this is totally optional, I am currently testing the plugin dani made ☕ Ko-fi component | Thank you with a coffee and including the button in the solutions I post here. I guess, if you want to use it, you can do so via this website but again this is up to you :grin:

It should open the browser by double clicking, maybe this plugin does not work for Mac? I have no way of checking.

Konrad ( And Dani) , the link does not work on a MAC, but I will migrate to PC fairly soon, as there are so many plug ins not available for the MAC platform, I will sort the coffee out later ( promise) and would generally like to connect, as there might be a way to involve you in some teaching in Hong Kong in the future ( if you are interested) ( I am prof for sculpture there, but we are going heavy into robotics…)
Let me know if you are interested…

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Hey Ekke, thanks and I’ve written you a pm.