Brep Join Magic

220921_BrepJoin.3dm (3.1 MB) (9.9 KB)

Hi guys,

This is not a uncommon issue but I was working on a simple solution to extract outlines of floorplates based on multiple breps / meshes. Please see attached screenshot and files.

A: From Breps, I extract the bottom srfs > extract the edges > join the edges > Brep Join and extract the edges of the joined Brep again.

B: From Mesh, it looks a bit nicer with MeshShadow, then straight to > Brep Join before extract the final outlines.

My question is what does ‘Brep Join’ exactly do… Why is it possible to input the edges directly into ‘B’? Is it because those edges are actually considered to be Brep? (I had a look at the explanation here: Boundary representation - Wikipedia)

But still, Brep Join puzzles me…

Would be great if anyone could share any insights :slight_smile:

Next thing would be nice to do is to merge the points that are co-linear after extracting the outlines… :melting_face:

Grasshopper makes many “friendly assumptions” such as treating a closed planar curve as a surface (brep):


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To merge co-linear points - somehow offsetting the outline crv would do the job…

Perhaps there are more advanced way to do it…? :slight_smile:

Hello, how about [Simplify Curve]?