Brep join issue

Hey guys, I would like to have separate elements with flaps for fabrication. I have the elements and I have the flaps, but I can’t get them together, resp. I manage to join the elements with the flaps on top, but not the ones on the sides. (maybe this is because there are two flaps overlapping?)
Can someone help me?

These two are missing
Brep join issue

Brep join (126.9 KB)

Brep join (120.0 KB)

Oh great, thank you very much!!

I’ve run into that same problem many times, and it’s great to see such a simple solution. Many thanks.

But…just what is it that Merge does that allows the Brep Join to work? And how do we learn about functionality like that?

Well, it is all about data matching and keeping paths leveled. When you have that synchronised it is just left to organise objects to be joined in same branch. That is why Merge stands for.