Boxedit not working

Hi All
We’ve only just installed Rhino 6 for Mac (coming from windows). It seems that boxedit is broken. The panel displays just fine, but it’s oblivious to any selected geometry. The boxes all stay greyed out and don’t react to any input. Is there a bug or…?
Regards, Jakob

Yup. Same here in V7 WIP. But I was not going to bring it up ever again, because I love MCNeel even with all their flaws, and their god damned BoxEdit tool that rarely and barely works. But since you bring it up Jakob… yup it’s still broken af.



I love that you are embracing your newly-found “fan-boy approach” to bug reporting @gustojunk :rofl:
Heumann’s thread has taken things to a whole new level of brotherly/sisterly love around here :heart_eyes:

Hi Gustavo,

Is there any chance you have text scaling in windows set 150%? We recently found a bug in one of the UI controls that made Rhino sluggish even if the BoxEdit panel was open and not being used. It also affected the responsiveness of the scrollers in the edits when BoxEdit was being used. It’s fixed and will be in the next 7.x release. I think it won’t make it into 6.x until 6.18. In the meantime changing text scaling to something besides 150% should work around the problem. See for details regarding this.


Hi Jakob,

I’m not aware of the problem you mention on the Mac. Can you give me more details? Like system info. You’re saying you can make a sphere. Open the BoxEdit panel. Select the sphere and all of the BoxEdit controls remain disabled. Is that correct? I don’t think the problem I described above had any impact on the Mac platform so that’s probably not it.


Hi Tim,

I have a 17” 4K display in the laptop. When stand-alone it runs at 200%. When hooked to 27” 4K monitor/s it runs at 150%.

I saw yesterday in V7 WIP an issue when I selected an object and the box edit values where all grayed out, inactive, just like if nothing was selected. Same for object properties, but that was in a different situation and I do not know if they are related and/or concurrent problems.

I also saw weird values for scale/rotation factor with numbers with ‘E’ as exponent? …Some serious WTF stuff going on in that panel.

Let me know what else I can check.



The 150% thing is the only thing I’m aware of on Windows. There was some issue about SubD selection in V7 but I don’t think that got into a public build. In fact I think the release of the public build was held up by that this week.

Regarding the E stuff. If you get numbers that are very small (or I suppose very large) the number may be represented with an E (exponent). The number displayed is based on what you have set for display precision in settings>units. If there is less precision than what can be displayed it could show a number with an E. It’s easy to get this if you scroll the increment edits since each click is a factor of 10.

Jakob, I just put the Mac 6.16 public release (6.16,19205.01052) build back on my iMac and BoxEdit, with a sphere, works as I would expect so I’ll definitely need more details. Is the geometry you’re trying to select anything special?

I noticed on both platforms that if you have uniform checked that only the values for the selected uniform radio get updated. To me that seems like a bug. Can someone confirm that? Or is it working as you’d expect in that regard.


I have noticed that if you select object first and then click to BoxEdit it won’t work.
Try to activate BoxEdit first and then select the objects.
It works in my case, WiP, last release.

Yes, I do see what you mean in V7 (both platforms). I’ll look into that. That does seem to be the case on the Mac V6 and I only see weirdness in that regard on Windows V6 when the object is preselected and the BoxEdit tab is not shown at all and then turned on (vs. the tab is there but not the active one).


Just an FYI to whoever is watching this thread.

The performance issues with BoxEdit ought to be resolved (fingers crossed). ie. the display ought to be fairly responsive, comparable with V5.

However, as I look through the code and test my fixes for the bug Piotr reported I am seeing bugs that would confirm the observations of goofy behavior you guys are seeing and possibly more. Most of it stems from the “Uniform” check boxes and radios added for There was not enough thought given to the plethora of conditions that could occur and how changing one value and having it update several would impact both the geometry and the UI. Give me a few days to work through this. I’ll let you know when I think it’s better, you can get the beta and then you’ll have my undivided attention regarding stuff that still doesn’t work right.



Hi @tim
I’m not at the Mac today, but yes - that was basically it. Clean file, simple geometry, boxedit just not working at all. I’ll get the specific system info when I’m back, but it’s a fairly new iMac Pro.

Hello Forum,

I believe all of the recent changes I have made regarding the BoxEdit command should have become available in the recent 7 WIP. Please give it a try and let me know, specifically, what still needs attention.

This is the YT issue where I noted the issues I was seeing myself.

If it seems better I’m going to try very hard to backport these changes into V6.