Box does it require duplicate method?


For mesh, breps, curves classes, I duplicate objects by writing
Mesh aCopy= a.Duplicate();
For structs such as lines, points, it is enough to write
Point3d aCopy = a;

For Box objects is it also enough to write Box aCopy = a;
or it is must be somehow duplicated as well?

Passing a box to this constructor should do it:

Thanks @AndersDeleuran

Is there a similar approach for Rhino 6 SDK?

Ah yes, no you’re right. I remember coming across this issue as well. My bad.

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Hi, I wrote some test codes for Point3d for both C# and Python and the results are interesting.
I want somebody more expert than me to confirm (and explain) this.

In C#,

var X=Transform.Translation(1,0,0);
var p=new Point3d(0,0,0);
var q=p;

This gives (1,0,0) and (0,0,0), whilst, in Python,

print p
print q

this gives both (1,0,0).

For c# it makes sense because point3d is a Struct. for python there is something else Anders knows what

Structs don’t duplicate by assignment in IronPython like they do in C#. You need to explicitly duplicate them using e.g. the Python copy module, or the copy constructor if the struct has one (i.e. like Box has in V7):

I try to use the explicit RhinoCommon struct option when possible. In the case of translating a point by a vector though I usually use the += operator to add the two, which overwrites the value of the original, which negates the assignment copy issue in this case:

2021-02-16 11_30_24-Grasshopper - efef_

Being explicit is probably always advisble though:

2021-02-16 11_35_07-Grasshopper - efef_

2021-02-16 11_36_07-Grasshopper Python Script Editor


Thank you! this is extremely helpful!

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