BoundingBox forced to be converted to Box

Ummm, since GH native BoundingBox seems to produce a Box instead of a BoundingBox, I made a simple Python script that gives a BoundingBox. But still there is the same problem. The BoundingBox is a BoundingBox inside the Python node, but it becomes a Box once it’s output from the Python node.
Does anybody knows a solution?

Thank you.

Hi @masaaki.miki,

In most cases it makes no difference if one is working with a Box or a BoundingBox

What is the problem you are trying to solve?
How is the behaviour you are describing hindering you in solving your problem?

Hi, BoundingBox has Min and Max properties. In Box, there is no clue which corner point is Min and which corner point is Max, right?

Becasue GH components (python and script editors included) cast output types automatically. Bounding Box is not a type used by GH but Box is. The box corners component of GH can get you Min and Max corners of the Box (read the outputs descriptions it will tell you what each point is)