Bounding curve to multiple surfaces

Trying to find a way to get a simple boundary curve to a series of surfaces: (27.1 KB)

Saying it’s “simple” doesn’t make it so.

It would be simpler if the surfaces all touched each other, but they don’t.

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Not very robust but works for your two sets of breps. (31.1 KB)

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Yeah, that occurred to me too… not very robust at all, eh.

The OP’s picture doesn’t suggest he wants to keep those.

How about Rhino WIP’s ShrinkWrap ?

I hadn’t looked at your code yet when I made that remark about the holes (since removed).

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Seems to work well - not concerned with keeping the holes. Does Rhino’s Shrinkwrap work in grasshopper?

There is a component, but I’ve can’t seem to make it work properly :frowning:

maybe (39.8 KB)
Why not use Clipper?