Bounding Box grouping of rectangles

Good day

I would like some help with bounding groups of rectangle together to make a series or larger volumes.

I have managed to get this to work when the rectangles are on a similar plane but as soon as i add some rectangles that are a little further away the bounding box tries to captures them.

The aim is to select a lot of these set of 3 rectangle groupings that are all in various locations, and have the bounded together to create separate larger volumes

Bounding Box.3dm (1.7 MB)
Bounding (7.7 KB)

It has nothing to do with their location, only whether or not they are in the same list / branch.

Bounding (8.6 KB)

Hey Joseph

What im actually after is to have to grouping of 3 rectangles bounded together.

so for example here i have selected the 12 rectangle and got 4 larger volumes

I hope you can adapt the example I gave you?

OK, I took another look and came up with this:

Bounding (26.3 KB)

If you examine this geometry with the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool, you see that branch ‘{0;4}’ has an extra brep included (yellow color among the blue). Also visible in the text panel.

Thanks @Joseph_Oster ! That works well, the points group was what I was missing! and the tree viewer tool looks handy

Another way would be to create the groups of three directly, either has a group of three breps or defined as a block. This assumes you create everything in GH instead of Rhino. Or you could place boxes on a certain layer in Rhino that get replaced by GH as groups of three vertical “boxes” (studs?). Many ways.

Point Groups have limitations.