Boundary Surfaces Issue

Hi guys, I’m trying to make a floor plan of a brep, and I’m using a boundary surfaces component to take the curves where the brep meets the ground plane, and connect those into a surface. I’m facing an issue, though, where the center surface isn’t coming out right. There’s a cavity at the center of the brep, and this is shown on the brep as well as the curves where it intersects with the ground plane. When I plug it into the boundary surfaces component though, it gives a surface with the center filled in. Is there any way to create a surface with a cavity in the center, like the brep has?
Boundary Surfaces (2.6 MB)

The problem you have is that the centre curves are two separate curves, not one closed curve as the others are. The boundary surface component doesn’t know that you want it to take one of those curves as an outline and the other internal curve as an opening. If you split the curves out first though and provide the boundary surface component with just those two curve, it will know to have the internal one as an opening.

I also merged the Breps at the start into one Brep as this made more sense to me, doesn’t make much difference but is a little cleaner IMO.

Boundary Surfaces Issue (2.6 MB)

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