Boundary Surface not trimming inner curves

Hi all

I’m trying to do a simple boundary surface operation on a not so simple set of geometries. Been trying to figure out why the inner curves are not being recognized and split.
I also tried reparametrizing and making sure all curves are planar and on the same plane, but got the same result. (1.9 MB)

Graft the polylines before Boundary Surface.

Hi Quan,

That just creates 1 surface per polyline though…

I need the inner curves to be holes from the outer curve/s’ surface, as there might be multiple outer curves.
Boundary surface should be able to do this innately, just not sure why its not working this time.

You have self-intersecting curves - that most likely causes the issue. Clean them up :wink: - there’s a component to test for self-intersections; also see if you can simplify the curve with the component for that.