Boundary Surface from Overlapping Curves


My macro to create “Boundary Surface” from curves that are planar but aren’t connected, just everlapping. Despite “PlanarSrf”, this allows me to click into regions that I want to make a sruface from.

I think that this is a useful command and don’t know if or why it’s not built within Rhino standard commands (or is it hidden somewhere? EDIT - yes, it was hidden to me under “CurveBoolean”).

Sharing my macro for everyone to use or improve:

! _-Hatch

You can do this with CurveBoolean on the curves then PlanarSrf on the resulting curve(s). No need to make a hatch.

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Thank you, I had no idea that the command exists (even after searching through forum and Rhino help…but under “Surface” tag rather than “Curve”). The command does exactly what I need.